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Halloween Spooks, Ghouls and Zombies!

October 17th, 2014

You may notice that here at Dolls’ House HQ, we are rathe keen on Halloween. In the past we’ve done fancy dress at work, apple bobbing, trick or treating and much more and that’s just the full-scale people! The mini-people also get up to all sorts and offer lots of inspiration to create you’re very own Halloween in mini. Read on for hints and tips to get your ghoulish side going this Halloween!

There are so  many international traditions you can pull on for creating your Halloween in miniature. Perhaps you’ll go for a Mexican flavour and dress a doll to represent the  Día de Muertos – Day of the Dead, or will you go all-out-North-American with open fancy dress, candy corn and pumpkins galore? If you want to stay on the UK shores you could show candles lit in every room (try the battery operated lights!) and ‘Soul cakes’ waiting to be eaten by the family on All Souls Day.

Why not draw from literature and recreate Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein with a laboratory based in a conservatory and use some finishing products to fill the test tubes?

There are so many interesting ways to create a Halloween scene we’re sure you’ll enjoy the miniatures we’ve got to help you, coffins, scythes, brooms and gargoyles, there’s plenty to chose from!

Pumpkins and Gargoyles!

Pumpkins and Gargoyles!

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Finish with Flooring!

October 16th, 2014

Whatever style or period you have chosen for your dolls’ house there will be suitable flooring options for you compliment it. From modern graphic tiles and rugs to parquet flooring and worn old floorboards, there’s something for every home. Read on for more suggestions!

Marble tiles can add a luxurious touch to a hallway or bathroom, for an Italianate look why not carry them on up the wall and use the border on the wall instead of the floor? Tiles would also be great in a shop or general store, the dark green panel paper  is reminiscent of a certain London department store, imagine recreating your own food halls!

One of our favourite flooring finishes comes from the real wood floors. Cleverly constructed on sheets so you can lay them with ease, these floors will give you a high quality look to your miniature home. If the real wood floors are a bit on the pricey side, we have a wide selection of wooden flooring papers such as this Herringbone Parquet  so there is a great selection for those working to a budget too.

Tiles and wooden flooring is only the beginning! Self-Adhesive Carpets in a vast array of colours can be used to create a contemporary look in miniature homes and rugs of a modern style or more traditional look can easily be used on the bare wood or carpeted rooms just as you wish and this isn’t forgetting stair carpets and runners to dress those hallways and staircases to match.  Personally we don’t think you can beat a sheepskin rug in front of a roaring fire. What will you chose?


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