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Have you taken the tour yet?

August 21st, 2007

You simply must take the Dolls Eye Tour of Grosvenor Hall, just visit the main Dolls House Emporium website for a totally unique experience, there’s never been anything like this before…prepare to be amazed!


6 Comments to “Have you taken the tour yet?”

  1. carol harrington Says:

    Hi, Took your new virtual tour , brilliant idea, lets have more.

  2. Eileen Willis Says:

    just taken the virtual tour, absolutely brilliant! you should do more. what about gardens? the possibilities are endless

  3. Eileen Willis Says:

    just taken the virtual tour, absolutely brilliant!

  4. Dolls house emporium lover! Says:

    Hi, I also took your tour and also thought it was great! I’m looking forwards to visiting the attick and hopefully the basement. you should definitely do this for the smaller ones aswell for example fern villa. Loved it.

  5. Carole Winters Says:

    How realistic! I was absolutely enthralled – the excellent finish stands up to close viewing perfectly – cant wait to see around some other properties – maybe George can show us the attic soon? Brillant.

  6. Carole Winters Says:

    Regards and thankyou

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