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What’s your fantasy dolls’ house?

August 28th, 2007

We want to know what your dream dolls house would be. Is it a super-modern space age apartment, a historical palace complete with mini treasures, or how about a perfect copy of a famous place from film or TV, we’re waiting to hear from you right now….


14 Comments to “What’s your fantasy dolls’ house?”

  1. Hannah Gale Says:

    I have several. But I suppose the Ultimate House would be a farm house. I have been planning it for several years. Complete with kitchen garden and a few trees. All as realistic and in as much detail as possible. It would be late Victorian era. There would be a well-used kitchen and a pantry, with a range glowing warmly in the hearth, and bread freshly baked from one of the ovens! There has to be, and this is important, an attic. With cobwebs (how? I don’t know yet!), old trunks, a dressmaker’s mannequin, some old toys and an armchair coming apart at the seams, underneath a window. At least two bedrooms, preferably three, so that one can be a nursery, and perhaps one a ‘best’ bedroom, containing the only pristine, fancy furniture in the whole house. Everything else, you see, is well worn and well loved. Downstairs in the family room, a quilt will sit on a rocking chair, waiting to be stitched. A (working) grandfather clock in the corner, and an upright piano with a picture or two on top of it.
    So there you go. If I ever make it, I’ll post pictures!
    A lot of it is inspired by Little Women, with some of my own aspirations thrown in there!

  2. Mary Kate Nguyen Says:

    Sounds so nice……..
    Mine would be a cosy log cabin complete with a stone built fire with a little spit-roast over it! There’d be lots of detail in the interior which will be as rugged and authentic looking as I can make it…wood and stone interior, a chunky rug on the floor in front of the fire, a black, cast-iron stove in one corner with a pot of coffee brewing on it, oh I can smell the coffee and hear the crackling fire now!

  3. Margaret Carr Says:

    I really want to have a church complete with bride and groom and all the wedding guests. I wish I could find one at a price I can afford.

  4. My Mother is the Dolls House fanatic. Her dream was to put together a castle and to have it on the theme of a wedding centre. She has finally acheived her dream and it is spectacular. She has the shop frontage. The dressmaker’s room. A chapel for the ceremony. A room for the bride and groom. A room for the family to use to relax in. Rooftop gardens…… A room full of wedding dresses and accessories. And outside stands the wedding car complete with ribbon and decorated in miniature flowers.
    I can spend hours lost in it all.
    This is her third project and I think her best to date.

  5. Wendy Foulger Says:

    I am in the process of creating a cottage hospital. It started in a cardboard box with two patients Flora Spread and Ivor Payne. Sister Frazzled looks after them and I have made a commode, blood pressure machine, beds, drug cupboard to name a few of the things in it. However due to requests to see it I realise the box is a bit flimsy as well as not very professional looking so have decided to look for a dwelling that would suit this project. I have lots more ideas and a friend who needs a distraction now her daughter has gone to Uni…. We intent to play hard this winter!!

  6. My fantasy dolls house is Oak Hurst, this is the house I am building very slowly but with lots of love and care. My grandad used to build houses’ for us when we were children and following a house fire in 1983 when we lost everything I have wanted a new one ever since. The boyfriend could not understand how much and why I wanted a it so much, in fact I think he thought I was a bit loopy.
    He has a playstation at 35, why can’t I have a dolls house!!
    I have my house now and try to visit the shop every couple of months to top up on lovely things, this has come in especially useful since ‘real’ house prices have gone through the roof!
    We can all dream but having a doll’s house makes the dream a bit more real.
    Thank you all for my wonderful hobby.
    Best Regards,
    Jules Holt

  7. I’d love to see a French chateau with high ceilings and large rooms. It would have a slate, steep pitched roof with dormers, arched (not half-circle) top casement windows, quoins down the sides and big wide steps curving down either side of the front door.

  8. my fantasy dollshouse is a Victorian England dollshouse with the authentically detailed façade and spiral staircases throughout. and working sash windows, ‘gingerbread’ barge boards and an bay window. also period front door and porch and two opening front panels and hinged roof and a Large hall and Internal doors and lastly six rooms.

  9. Emma Spence Says:

    I think a Hansel and Grettle house would just be it! maybe hard to to furnish, but yeah, thats the fun trying to find something that would sut. When i was younger, my sisters and I played with Sylvanians, those wee animals, that could live in a tree, in a big manor house, or in a boat! So this kind of reminds me of them. My friend had a really big house, with lights and everything, hers was perfect, so victorian, and “it”. Thats another dream. so get a big dolls house, and dress it in victorian glory! I recently finished Lakeview, which sits glorified at the end of my bed, its a more modern house, but i thought i would chabge all my ideas, and go for a contemporary look! But still, im in the process of saving money to but Cadogan garden. My next ambition!

  10. Adrián Zavala Says:

    II would love to have an Arabian palace, or maybe an Irish castle. My mother would like a Japanese house, with geishas and everything. Unfortunately, I can´t find anything like that. I can create very good furniture, dolls, and accesories using sculpey, wood, and fabric, but I don´t have carpentry skills. Any suggestion will be useful.

  11. I would also like to do a Chateaux, I have an early DHE house no longer in the catalogue With double stairs up the front I think a bit of work on the roof and redecorate with Louis 14th furniture would be deligh ful Building Gardens at the moment. How about Petite Tianon

  12. Sorry :) but i have two dreams….one is a beach hut ,which im just about to make a start on..Ive been planning this in my mind for years as living in the midlands i yearn to live near the coast and own a beach hut..So im making myself one :)…and the second one is to make me a corner shop just like the one i used to visit daily when i was a child .Just up the road from me..I want it to make it in detail from how i remember it

  13. My Dream house would be a georgian palace. With a big ballroom and sparkling candle chanderlias, Beautuiful large georgian sash windows, Elegant sweeping Staircases, Rose gardens, Mazes, Stone ornate water fountains, big grand fire places, a box forte piano, A music room, servants quarters, Beautiful french paneling and last but not least stuning plump climbing roses of all colours.
    Well that is my quite expensive dream dolls house. :)

  14. my dream dolls house would be a witches coven has i love witchy programmes and would love a minature witches coven complete with cauldren hat and Broom

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