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Creative Competition Winners 2007

November 8th, 2007

This year we’ve been spoilt for choice! Your competition entries were so good, we have two runners up. (click on the images to enlarge)

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First Prize-Winner – The Cuckoo Clock

First prize winner, The Cuckoo ClockJane Lansdowne of Derbyshire was inspired by her purchase of a 1:12th scale cuckoo clock for her dolls’ house, when suddenly she realised how wonderful The Retreat would look as a traditional Swiss cuckoo clock.

Jane spent several days researching her project, before reducing the depth of The Retreat, to make a more attractive wall hanging building. The ground floor is the perfect workshop for the village clock maker, kept busy repairing and restoring the timepieces belonging to the locals.

Internal view of the cuckoo clock.

The workshop and upstairs bedroom have working lights; the clock face is made from turned wood and always keeps perfect time, along with a charming cuckoo that is on permanent watch. Jane’s cuckoo clock is a stunning creation, well deserving of her first prize, and a ‘timely’ inspiration to us all.

First Runner-Up – The Chocolatier – Good enough to eat!

First runner up, the Chocolatier
Our first runner up, Ingrid Germonprez of Belgium has created a mouth-watering mini masterpiece. Ingrid always wanted to own her own chocolate shop, so this became the inspiration for her delectable entry in our 2007 Creative Competition.

Internal view of the ChocolatierThe ground floor is taken up with the shop area, where an impressive variety of chocolates are displayed.On the display counter there are colourful marzipans and truffles waiting to tempt the customers. The furniture was originally bare wood, painted and decorated by Ingrid; she also added the mirrors and a large illuminated shelf unit. Upstairs the master chocolate-maker is hard at work, surrounded by his creations. Yum!

Second Runner-Up – The Pearly Gates – Divine Inspiration

Pearly Gates internal view.Stella Graham of Guernsey was encouraged to enter the Creative Competition by her good friend Ruth, but it was her husband Peter who came up with the idea of a house for his saintly namesake. Stella applied pearlised and glitter finished paints to the whole building with details picked out in gold.

Second runner up - Pearly GatesThe ‘Stairway to Heaven’ was purchased locally and sprayed gold. The unique doorway is decorated with hundreds of tiny seed pearls, each meticulously glued on by hand.

The desks and chairs were all hand made and painted gold. Below in St. Peter’s office, the walls were panelled in cream and gold and the furniture painted to match.

The St. Peter doll was originally a likeness of Stella’s husband, and was adapted to become a convincing St. Peter. We are sure you will agree, this creation is totally unique and very deserving of its prize-winning status.


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