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Dolls’ Houses: Capture Your Imagination

March 26th, 2008

Dolls’ houses as miniature collector’s items are no doubt experiencing resurgence in demand and popularity world-wide. There are several factors, which add to the appeal of dolls’ houses…

They are fascinating people even in this techno-savvy, modernised world for several reasons:

  • Dolls’ houses are enchanting: The major aspect that draws people to dolls’ houses is their subtle, innate charm that one can explore in a perfectly created miniature.
  • Dolls’ house carry a personal touch: If you speak to collectors of dolls’ houses, they will tell you that their attraction and fascination with the hobby is largely owing to the personal touch they carry. One can choose to create one’s ideal abode and enjoy total control over its inhabitants’ destiny when one enters the realm of a dolls’ house! One can proudly hold it in the palm of one’s hand; it’s a sight to behold!
  • Dolls’ houses spur creativity: One may choose to own one’s dream home that’s complete with working lights and should one wish, even running water – at the fraction of the whopping cost of a full-size property. In other words, one may customise the dolls’ house in keeping with one’s tastes.


One Comment to “Dolls’ Houses: Capture Your Imagination”

  1. Estoy iniciandome con las casas de muñecas como terapia de salud, tengo 58 años y un angioma cerebral. Es un entretenimiento agradable… lástima que aca en mi país no se consiguen revistas, en internet si pero en ingés…
    Felicitaciones por su iniciativa…

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