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Georgian Dolls’ House Used For Kew Palace Restoration

March 27th, 2008

Kew Palace will reopen on 21st March 2008 and much of its restoration is owed to one dolls’ house belonging to King George III’s daughters.

The dolls’ house, or ‘baby house’ as they were known then, was made around 1780 and presented by the young princesses to Sir George Grey, the captain of the King’s Yacht for his children in 1804.

Now, over 200 years later, the dolls’ house has helped the curators of Kew Palace with their restoration work. Many features of the dolls’ house bear a striking resemblance to the accounts of Kew Palace from the 18th century.

The dolls’ house has been on display at Kew Palace since Spring 2004 when a collector approached the Royal Palaces to tell them of the similarities. Records showed that the wooden dolls’ house was made by a royal carpenter and Princess Mary had written about a dolls’ house at the palace, so it is very possible this is the same one. This is a rare survivor with most of its original features and furnishings intact, and the colours and styles have given great help in restoring the original decoration and furnishings.


2 Comments to “Georgian Dolls’ House Used For Kew Palace Restoration”

  1. Irene Stevens Says:

    I had a georgian dolls house bought for me by my husband and am looking to furnish it in georgian style. I am finding it hard to find room layouts that can give me some indication on what furniture goes and where. Could you help me

    Many thanks

    Irene Stevens

  2. Susan Davenport Says:

    Hi Irene,

    I’m in the same predicament! My hubby bought me a Georgian dolls house for Christmas and I can’t find much in the way of authentic costumed dolls or furniture for it.

    I found an absolutely brilliant example though on carol-anne-dolls.co.uk who has made a Georgian dolls house. Take a look, I’ve had loads of ideas from her.

    For wallpaper try doing a web search for Gainsborough (the artist) and also chinese silk wallpaper.

    Hope you have success in your project.

    Best wishe;

    Susan Davenport

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