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Create your Wish List and build your dream doll’s house

April 11th, 2008

In ancient times, when dolls’ houses were first conceived, their furniture and other accessories were either commissioned or were made by the females of the house in an effort to show off their skills and accomplishments, in much the same manner that Victorian ladies embroidered any available surface to display their skill.

Now, times have changed, but the urge to create and identify with one’s own piece of creation is eternal. To fulfill this urge, you have come to the perfect place that has on offer a wide choice of products. You can create your exclusive wish list containing each of your dream Dolls House Emporium products. It’s a perfect means of ensuring your friends and family members know precisely what to buy you for that special personal occasion or event.

Your wish list is automatically created the first time you choose to add a product, simply by clicking on the ‘Add to Wish List’ button, which appears on the relevant product information pages. Once you’ve registered, you can order online as well as maintain your customer account details. The wish list is a great means of keeping a list of the things you wish to buy too – you can just give your friend’s your email address and then they can view your wish list and buy you a present you really want!


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