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Limited Edition Mill Cottage

April 14th, 2008

Mill CottageOur wonderful polyresin Mill Cottage was designed by Mike Marsden of Yesteryear Homes, famous for his exquisite replicas of historical buildings.

Our handmade masterpiece was offered as a limited edition, and each model has its own plaque showing its individual number. This unique property proved to be extremely popular with our serious collectors.

Unique Features of Mill Cottage:

  • Individually hand made and hand painted by craftsmen
  • Each house is individually certified on a plaque
  • Built, painted, decorated and lit inside and out
  • Decorative brickwork, timber frame and stone floors
  • Beamed ceilings in all rooms
  • Fully lit
  • Delightful cottage garden plus plants on the exterior
  • Water wheel and mill stream
  • Thatched roof
  • Opening windows
  • Inglenook fireplace in living room
  • Kitchen range included
  • Internal doors

If you are lucky enough to be the owner of a Mill Cottage, congratulations, you are the owner of a little piece of dolls’ house history. We would love to see your pictures on the ‘Home Sweet Home’ area of our dolls’ house forum.


8 Comments to “Limited Edition Mill Cottage”

  1. beverley murphy Says:

    i have a mill cottage it was a present for my daughter and now she wants to sell it would you be able to advise me how to go about it thank you

  2. We would advise to try selling the house on eBay or a similar auction website.

  3. I would be willing to purchase the dollhouse. Please let me know. Thank you

  4. It is better if you both sign up the Discussion Forum so you can Private Message each other, rather than displaying your contact details to the world! Leave a comment here with your username when you’ve both signed up.

  5. Please email me at lacuccinna@yahoo.com regarding the sale of the Mill Cottage. Thank you

  6. Very traditional looking – my daughter had similar 10 years ago!

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  8. Eileen Stoten Says:

    I am the proud owner of this beautiful doll’s house but I have a small problem and would like to contact Mike Marsden who designed the cottage.
    The lovely little front door has a bolt on the inside but unfortunately the very small rod that has to be inserted to lock the door has been lost and I would be so grateful if this could be replaced as I have to ‘lock’ the door with blu tak which is unsightly and spoils the appearance. Please help!

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