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Golden Egg Hunt – Short Story Winners

April 29th, 2008

We are proud to announce the winners of our short stories from the Golden Egg Hunt Competition.

After receiving over 350 entries it was difficult to pick any stories that stood out from the rest as they were all fantastic!! Here are our winning entries:

1st Place – Winner of £100 in Dolls House Emporium Gift Vouchers
Diana Cotter from Warrington

“Within the year, the happy couple announce the arrival of a beautiful baby daughter. As the bells ring out,the egg swings apart to reveal the tiny golden mansion within. A golden skinned maiden descends the spiral staircase. As she whistles softly,a faint scrabbling announces the arrival of her guardian. She places a key on a silken thread in one scaly claw and whispers a command. The shimmering dragon flies silently, unobserved and places the token around the babys neck – the key to the eternal kingdom of magic and make believe.”

2nd Place – Winner of £50 in Dolls House Emporium Gift Vouchers
Angela Eccles from Buckinghamshire

“Will and Amelie were so delighted to be together at last. They decided to sell the golden egg but as Amelie was dusting it to make it shine a small dragon genie appeared and granted them 3 wishes. First they chose to move away with Will’s Mum to a wonderful new house with a fantastic garden where Will would grow flowers and vegetables. Secondly, they decided to set up an orphanage so that other orphans could have a better life than Amelie and thirdly they wished that Amelies uncle could be embroiled in the forest until he had learnt to be kinder to others. And of course they lived happily ever after!”

3rd Place – Winner of £25 in Dolls House Emporium Gift Vouchers
Polly Rodgers from Leeds

“To be a husband is what I wanted to be
Especially to marry my Amelie,
This I’ve done by finding the Egg
And now without having to beg
We’ll live in the castle for ever more
And the dragon will return back to his shore.
We’ll stand in a turret and wave him goodbye
And live here together ’til the day that we die.”

Well done to all!


One Comment to “Golden Egg Hunt – Short Story Winners”

  1. what did you have to write for the competition?

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