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Basic tips and ideas on illuminating your dolls’ house

May 8th, 2008

Lighting your Dolls' HouseWe give you some basic steps to follow before you start illuminating your dolls’ house. If you follow the steps below, your task will be much simpler, don’t rush straight into it.

Step 1: You should consider the lighting aspect at the planning stage itself, when you begin to visualise your dolls’ house.

Step 2: Even before you actually build your dolls’ house, you should be ready with ideas for how you want to light it.

Step 3: While doing the dolls’ house lighting, you should first of all, decide the precise location of all the lights in your dolls’ house.

Step 4: You should work out whether the lights will be on the ceiling or on walls. Also, work out whether they will be free standing or table lights.

Step 5: You don’t need to purchase all the lights at the planning stage and all in one go. However, you need to be aware of the quantity you’ll be using and where they will be placed.

Step 6: You need to be aware of the level of lighting that will be right for your dolls’ house. Consider where the dolls’ house is situated in your own home as to how much lighting you think it will need.


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