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The earliest documented dolls’ house

May 9th, 2008

Let’s look at the history of dolls’ houses by rewinding the clock! The first recorded and authentic evidence of a dolls’ house is from the year 1558 when Bavaria’s Albrecht V, Duke ordered a beautiful house to be built for his beloved daughter. It was four stories, complete with cowsheds and a lovely garden.

When the Duke first looked at it, he was extremely pleased. In fact, he was so fascinated by it that he even forgot the fact that the dolls’ house was supposed to be a present for his daughter. The dazzled Duke decided to keep it for himself. Presumably, his daughter was never allowed to play with the precious object.

Sadly, the original house no longer exists. It is said to have been gutted in a fire in the 1670s. However, other miniatures have been found that pre-date this historic dolls’ house as well as its contents though it is disputed whether they were actually items used in religious ceremonies or toys.


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