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Tips for buying dolls’ house furniture

May 15th, 2008

ChairHere are some useful tips for buying dolls’ house furniture. To start with, keep in mind the era or style you are creating while looking for your furniture. If you are styling your dolls’ house in a Victorian fashion then look for furniture with carved and mahogany finish or go in for the ready-made sets advertised as Victorian.

Make sure you plan out the room and try to keep to the furniture you planned. Miniatures are addictive and you can never finish collecting more and more but start by getting your main key pieces of furniture and then you can add further miniatures and accessories as you wish.

Always measure your dolls’ house rooms before you get the furniture you are eager to buy. Make sure that the furniture will fit your house. If you are buying furniture for children’s dolls’ houses keep the style simple and brightly coloured.

When you are buying furniture for your dolls’ house, think of it as buying furniture in your own home. There has to be a chosen style and there has to be a budget. Of course, if you are buying for a child’s dolls’ house then the style may not be as important.


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