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How to decorate the dining room of your dolls’ house

May 30th, 2008

If you are designing your dolls’ house dining room, perhaps you would be drawn to the delicate dining sets in miniature china. There are many different designs available, almost as many as in real life such as alluring pink and blue serving sets with cute roses or delicate china sets with more modern embossing.

Once you are done picking out your dining sets, many other pieces await your selection. The detailing in every spoon and fork from the cutlery array will make you gasp in awe. Silver–toned, slim handled forks and spoons fit for a princess, striking lace trimmed trays, elaborately designed gold rimmed biscuit jars and to top it all an ostentatious gong to beckon ‘milady’ for her meals.

If you are looking to do your dining room in a theme like an Edwardian or Georgian or if you merely want to dress it up for Christmas, you will find fully assembled sets too. The mahogany carved dining chairs, side tables, show cupboards with charming detailed lampshades, elaborate picture frames and mirrors will go well with your settings. Chocolates, flowers, vases, cakes and candle stands give your house a complete feel for that era or style.


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