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Remember the lights before decorating your doll’s house

June 13th, 2008

Proper illumination adds to the overall décor of your doll’s house that can emerge as truly an exquisite creation if done correctly. Consider the following points when you think about lighting ideas for your doll’s house.

Consider if you need to use two separate doll’s house lighting circuits – one for each side – if you are using a lot of lights this might be a good idea. You can then make use of a lower watt transformer and fewer socket boards on each circuit, minimising the possibility of an electricity fault. Also, if a fault does take place it will be easier to locate.

Concentrate on one room or area at a time when lighting up your doll’s house. If you start with one room and then move on to another, you can systematically light up your entire doll’s house it and decorate it. Begin with the ground floor rooms of your doll’s house. It is important to work out where your lights are going to be placed before you decorate your doll’s house so you can cover the wires.

A true epitome of beauty and luxury, a doll’s house fully decked with furniture, upholstery, curtains and other accessories – to enhance the overall look and feel – is indeed a collector’s pride.


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