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Using your senses…

July 15th, 2008

Why not encourage your other senses, not just sight?

Here are a few ideas to add scent, sound and touch to your 1:12th scale project.

Scent; place pot – pourri, loose aromatic tea leaves or fragrant wood chips in miniature bowls, or add to your garden scene.

Sound; create miniature wind chimes from tiny shells or miniature bells from a craft shop. Try using an old watch face as a wall clock, make a card ‘frame’ to hide the winding stem. The authentic ticking sound instantly adds a homely feel.

Touch; textures are perceived not only through your hands – eyes also notice the roughness of your bricks, the smoothness of wood, hardness of metal etc. Use a variety of textured materials to create an interesting combination.

These are just a few of our ideas, we would love to hear about how you bring scent, sound and touch to your Dolls House Emporium house.


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