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Exterior Details

July 16th, 2008

Recreate familiar textures, or improvise with your own fantasy facades.

  • Make your own shingles or roof tiles by cutting them out of balsa wood strips, or use course sandpaper.
  • For a log cabin, apply small branches or twigs cut to a uniform size.
  • Create a ‘Tudor’ look with balsa wood beams, score on a wood grain effect with a bradawl for extra detail.
  • Make ‘stucco’ walls with plaster or pollyfilla. Apply small pebbles or sea shells to create a sea-side feel.
  • ‘Weather’ your painted exterior walls by rubbing in wood stain or thinned – down paint.
  • Roof tiles can be aged by a very light application of shoe polish rubbed on with a soft cloth.

These are just a few of the ideas sent in by collectors, we would love to hear your hints and tips for decorating your dolls’ house.


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