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Wall Stories

July 17th, 2008

Shy wallflowers don’t get any attention, so insipid wallpaper in your dolls’ house will make very little impact.

There are many alternatives available to commercially produced dolls’ house wallpapers. Here are some ideas provided by fellow enthusiasts.

  • Use your computer to make wallpaper patterns by printing out designs onto coloured paper. You can add more detail with felt tip pens, coloured pencils or rubber stamps from a craft shop.
  • Experiment with real – scale wallpaper in your miniature scene. The clever use of mixed scales can be dramatic and unexpected.
  • Stipple your walls with layers of water – based hobby paints. Achieve a two – tone look by building up layers of complementing or contrasting shades.
  • Try using stencils or borders at the top of the walls.
  • Vary the texture of your dolls’ house walls by including dado rails or wood panelling.
  • All materials intended for floors can be used just as effectivley on walls, including tiles, bricks and even carpets.
  • Large wall mirrors give the illusion of space and reflect hard – to – see miniatures, they also reflect light and will brighten up the whole room.


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