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Struggling for Inspiration?

July 29th, 2008

We know it’s hard to keep the old grey matter ticking along in the sticky summer weather, especially if you are working on a new dolls’ house or small build project.  Sometimes the 1% inspiration just isn’t forth coming! So here are a couple of tips to help get those ’little grey cells’ firing on all fronts.

  • Obviously stopping by our forum and seeing what the other miniature enthusiasts have been up to is a must.
  • But don’t forget the collectors’ blogs where you can find fellow collectors projects step by step with their own commentary.
  • Additionally there are some wonderful websites such as www.dollshouseartisan.com providing a vast library of articles and projects.
  • Have a flick through those dolls house magazines and if you don’t have any to hand, your local library should have copies from the last 6 months or so.
  • And of course the local library will be the place to find some of the best dolls’ house books to browse before purchase!

And if all else fails, stop thinking about it, go and have a cup of tea and a flick through our catalogue and something is sure spring out at you!


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