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September 9th, 2008

There are many varied and valid ways to collect magical miniatures and furnish dolls’ houses. For example, there are some collectors who strive for exquisite precision of scale, so that if you were to see a photograph, one couldn’t claim it is a model. For others, it is vital that everything works correctly, even at the expense of perfect scale, reflected in things like oversized switches and taps to an otherwise correct and proportionate model. But for many collectors, it is not accessories or add-ons that matter so much. For them, a doll’s house is all about dolls, without any frills – in all their hues

Such houses as those at Sudbury Hall, the Bethnal Green Museum as well as Vivien Green’s former Rotunda collection were inhabited – often by a mixture of various types of dolls – wax, china, bisque and wooden.

A notable doll was called the ‘Old Pretender’. This 17th century wooden fashion doll is considered very rare. It is believed that the doll once belonged to King James II at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.  The original Old Pretender was the son of King James II, James Stuart. It is said to have been presented as a gift to a family of loyal servants by one of the members of the Stuart family.

Today of course we still use these traditional materials to make dolls and as time has gone on we have been able to create more lifelike dolls and to imbue them with more idiosyncrasies then ever before, many doll makers’ now only make one-of-a-kind specials. What a lovely way to spend your days.


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