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Furniture Choices – DIY or Ready Made

September 10th, 2008

FallfrontbureauThere is such a wide array of exquisite furniture options to choose from, it can be difficult to choose.

Many doll’s house furniture items mirror real life examples such as our detailed bureau with pigeon holes and drawers. You may also opt for a versatile linen chest in classic ‘mahogany ‘ finish; superbly crafted lightwood nursery set, or highly useful kitchen unit, with opening white cupboard. Any of these will make your doll’s house look refined. These are not just decorative pieces either but will add immense value to your doll’s house as conversation starters and focal points.

Of course there are also options to build and varnish or paint your own furniture and even to build it using things such as the Mini Mundus kits. With such variety you create your own vision in your dream house without having to move home!

To search our website for products simply type in the product name i.e. ‘chest of drawers’ and let the website do the rest of the work, then you can just choose your furniture and wait for the little parcels of joy to arrive.


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