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Dollhouse Miniatures – Replicas of real life

September 15th, 2008

Ornament1Lots of dolls house fans and collectors look for inspiration in their own homes to decide on the interior decorations of their miniature houses.

While decorating, pay attention to small details which will produce surprisingly authentic results. With a little effort the ambience of your miniature dolls’ house can even have the same look and feel as your own home. Your dolls’ house can be used to create any atmosphere you wish, from happy and bright to even dim and gloomy if that’s what you wish. Even though many aspects go into crafting these scenes, interior design plays a large part.

Dolls’ house designing can be taken to such a level as to be considered an art form. Your imagination and creativity will bring life to your decorating project. After you have selected the lighting, furniture and furnishing, you can look for ornaments and art objects to set off your room. Small details like choosing the ornaments, the small pieces of furniture or the paintings that will go with your design are an important part of the design process.

The Dolls House Emporium has a nifty collection of real-life miniature objects for you to select from. You can even pick up small objet d’art like shapely china pots to delicate figurines. How about a dignified Mozart bust in a classic alabaster or perhaps some exquisite jardinière with delicate motifs? Select the kind of accessories that will complement your room. Take time to make each room of your doll’s house exactly as you want it and watch your vision grow.


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