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Have you taken the tour yet?

September 19th, 2008

If you are new to The Dolls House Emporium, you may have missed the Dolls’ Eye Tour of Grosvenor Hall, this stunning 3-D tour is just one of the features on our great website.

Shrink down to doll-size and be guided through our grand Palladian Mansion, and have the features and highlights described to you, by the proud homeowner, Miss Alice.

The Dolls’ Eye Tour is a real treat for the whole family, and is just one of the exciting features at www.dollshouse.com


One Comment to “Have you taken the tour yet?”

  1. ladyjacqueline Says:

    Hi all,
    Just took the tour it was amazing. I am soon to be celebrating my 50th birthday and while my husband was out this week he came back and told me he had been talking to a group of women about the big dolls house and all the bits and bobs for it that you can by. I was going to take my-self off on holiday for my birthday but bought myself a house instead, just cant wait untill its delivered. So looking forward to getting into the dools house thing, my daughter thinks that I am having a second child hood, but any tips would be greatfully recieved about this hobbie thanks

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