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Restore and Rediscover

September 24th, 2008

Dolls houses have been around for centuries now, although they really grew in popularity in the Victorian era and whilst the majority of dolls’ houses have pride of place in their owners’ full size homes, we’re sure that a few lie neglected.


Are you one of those people who has an old dolls house in the attic getting dusty or stuck in the basement getting damp? Have you considered the past glory that it may have enjoyed?


It’s a lot easier to restore a house than you might think, most wallpaper can be easily removed without damaging walls or in some cases repainted to come back to their former glory.


If you’re lucky enough to live near Luton there is a 10 week ‘Restore your Dolls’ House’ course, click here for more information. And there are books written on the subject should you wish to take it all on on your own, which we have to say is very brave!


Or maybe you are one of the fortunate few who have more to spend, you could check out Trevor Cain at www.dollshouserestoration.com for a real, artisan, lavish and extremely detailed work, which might end up looking better than new!


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