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Birthday Wishes

December 19th, 2008

It maybe a world famous birthday coming up soon, but how many of you have told us about your birthday? When you tell us, we’ll update your customer profile and you’ll recieve a bonus discount in your birthday month, we’ll even send you a birthday card!

To tell us your birthday simply call or email us your details.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Please DO NOT leave your birthday details in a comment on this post. We can not track you through the posts so can not add the birthday date to your account. Additionally, you are posting personal data on a highly visible and public place which we would not encourage or advise. Please click on the ‘call’ or ‘email’ links above to make contact and we will add your birthday to your data held securely with us.


18 Comments to “Birthday Wishes”

  1. Louise Allen Says:

    Hi DH Magazine Just to let you know that my birthday is Feburary 20th.
    Thanks Louise

  2. roger cowley Says:

    BIRTHDAY 19/2/1945

  3. Hi Roger,

    Unfortunately we can’t add these details to your account without your customer information, please email us on info@dollshouse.co.uk with your customer number, post code and your birthday and we’ll get it updated for you. Please don’t put those details on the blog comments as they are open to everyone and we don’t want your details being up for grabs!

  4. Maureen Holmes-Woods Says:

    This is the only way I seem to be able to tell you my birth date.

    2nd June is the day.

    Love your site.

  5. Hi Maureen,

    Please can you email us on info@dollshouse.com along with your customer number and details? Then we’ll be able to add your information to your account.

    Thank you!

  6. my birthday is 05 **** **** very interesting site also own the title deeds to my dolls house which im still in the process of doing up .

  7. Hi Christine,

    I’ve blanked out your birth date as this is a public space and I wouldn’t want people accessing it without your permission. To tell us your birthday, just drop an email to info@dollshouse.com, include your customer number and name and address along with your date of birth and we’ll do the rest!

  8. heyya

    just to say my birthday is on XXXX DONT FORGET !!

    love the site thanks :D x

  9. Hi Paige,

    I’ll update your records on our system. I’ve blanked out your date of birth as this is a public blog and we wouldn’t want your personal information being open to everyone. The best way to contact us with personal details is on this email address info@dollshouse.co.uk

    Best wishes!

  10. Isabel Jennings Says:

    My date of birth is ****

  11. Hi Isabel,

    To tell us your birthday please email us on info@dollshouse.co.uk with your customer account number and address. I’ve removed your date of birth from your post because this is a fully public site and we wouldn’t want your personal information getting into the wrong hands!

  12. 17 Feb

  13. Hi Jasmine,

    You’ll need to email us on info@dollshouse.com or on 080 00 11 44 11 to tell us your birthday as we can’t match up your details without more information I’m afraid!

    Blog Admin

  14. my birthday date is XXXXXX

    Editted by ADMIN – we can not add your birthday to your account without your full details and it is not advised to publicise your date of birth around the internet. Please contact us on info@dollshouse.com with your account details so that we can update your birthday.

  15. Kathryn Baldwin Says:

    Hi Dolls House Mag,
    My birthday is 2nd June

  16. Hi Kathy,

    I think you were after Dolls House Magazine? If not, I’m afraid we can’t add you birthday to your customer details without some more information. As this is a public blog and we don’t want your personal details in view of the whole internet, please email us on info@dollshouse.co.uk with your customer number, name, address and your birthday and we’ll get it added to your details for you.

    Many thanks,

    Blog Admin

  17. Pythoud Mottier Marie-Lise Says:

    Just to tell you that my birthday is on 28.11.
    Thank you…

  18. Hello,

    Please see the note about leaving comments containing birth dates on the post.

    Comments have now been disabled on this post to prevent personal information from being divulged to the wider world.

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