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30th Anniversary Plate Collection

Share your Memories on our 30th Anniversary

December 24th, 2008

2009 sees The Dolls House Emporium celebrate 30 years in business as the world’s leading supplier of dolls’ houses and miniatures. To mark this occasion we’d like to invite you, our loyal customers, to send us your thoughts and memories of The Dolls House Emporium.

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30th Anniversary Plate Collection

25 Comments to “Share your Memories on our 30th Anniversary”

  1. Charlotte Clezy Says:

    I wish I had known about you many years ago, I love doll houses and would love to have a great many so continue to go on for another 30 years and give more people great pleasure, just wish I lived in England and then you would never get me out of the store, THANK YOU

  2. In 1991/2 I was doing my NNEB at South East Derbyshire College, IIkeston and every second Thursday we went to the workshops at Mundy Street and did woodwork.

    I decided to make a dollshouse ~ no plans !
    The woodwork teacher took me to look at the gym which was being demolished & we found some sheets of wood.

    I’m not sure where I heard about “Tudor Models” but I can remember going to the farm at Park Hall Farm, Denby. I was estatic to discover plastic windows & doors, lights and bits of furniture.

    From there I followed to Victoria Road ~ even made my own version based on it ~ called Dolls House Euphoria!

    Was delighted to see in a recent catalogue the view over towards my house as the back drop to a couple of miniature scenes.

    Congratulations on 30 years ~ long may you ( & I ) continue!

  3. Louisette Tennant Says:

    Congratulations on your 30th Anniversary Dolls House Emporium! Living in Canada you are my trusted link to the miniature world overseas and I truly appreciate your great service in every aspect, newsletter, website and shipping your quality product all the way to me!

    Many thanks and I look forward to many more wonderful years with my miniatures and The Dolls House Emporium!

    Best Wishes
    Louisette Tennant

  4. Charlotte Heaven Says:

    I love the Doll houses

  5. Amanda Heaven Says:

    Hi there!!!

    Happy 30th Anniversary and I love the Doll’s House and I love the one I have one and i find they are the best!!! Me and my sister Charlotte love the the pink Doll’s House that we got from our Granny and Grandad for christmas!! Me and Charlotte have put things in the Doll’s House!!! I love the Wedsite!!! Me and Charlotte would like to order some things from things from this lovely cool wedsite!!!! Happy 30th Anniversary angain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Cheryl Hobday Says:

    Five years ago I made a dolls house for my nieces, which they treasure and have just refurbished….it gve me so much pleasure and everyone calling at the house whilst I was making it was entranced…..I now want to make the Macckintosh house as that design era has always been my favourite…..please go on for another 30 years so my grandchildren can enjoy the houses too…….

  7. Ï’m 50 years of age now and I just bought my first dollshouse: a dream came through with Montgomery Hall. I enjoy your website en looking forward to decorate my dreamhouse.
    I wish you Happy Anniversary from Holland and hope I will enjoy your products.

    Best wishes
    Marja Vijn

  8. Montse Vegas Says:

    Espero que alguien sepa español para traducir mi mensaje de felicitación por los 30 años que llevais haciendo felices a todos los que como yo nos encantan las “dollhouses” y todos los accesorios que nos poneis a nuestro alcance para convertir nuestras casas de muñecas en lo que siempre hemos soñado para ellas.
    La dificultad que tenemos para los que no sabemos inglés es que los catálogos y las páginas web no se incluye el español.
    Espero que con el tiempo, a alguna persona se le ocurra incluirlo porque a veces estamos comprando sólo imaginando con la foto porque tampoco no hay descripción del artículo
    De todas formas, MUCHAS FELICIDADES¡¡¡¡¡

    Translated into English shown below

    I hope someone speaks Spanish; so they can translate my message of congratulations for your 30 years, in which you have made happy people like me that adore dollhouses’, and all the accessories that you put at our reach so we can convert our dollhouses’ in everything we have dreamt for them.

    The difficulties for people like me that don’t speak English is that the catalogue and the web page do not have a Spanish option. I hope that in time, that someone can include other languages because we are sometimes buying only relying on the picture and imagining how it would look like because there isn’t a description or the accessories either.


  9. Congratulations on 30 years of dolls’ houses and I wish you many more. I love all of your houses that it is very hard to chose from them. Keep up the good work. I look forward to more new things .

  10. congratulations on your 30th anniversary. A very good friend of mine have some of your fine dolls house’s and i think they are a finely crafted house. Great work and i hope you all keep up the fine work you are all doing.

  11. Ceci Allchin Says:

    Congratulations on your 30th anniversary!
    I made a ‘Doll’s House Emporium’ Doll’s House for my eldest daughter’s 7th birthday, she is now 32! I recently renovated it (it was much played with and battered) for her children Henry and Lucy. They absolutely love it! I was delighted with the present Doll’s House Emporium. You were very helpful indeed. Many many thanks

  12. Barbara Boylan Says:

    Congratulations on your 30 years anniversary, long, long may you continue, I couldn’t manage without you, you are definitely the best. I never had a dolls house as a child (my father was a brilliant modelmaker but sadly died when I was six) and now as an adult I indulge my hobby by making beautiful houses bought from you. Everything I buy from you is so exact and well made and the houses fit together perfectly. They are loved by my children and grandchildren alike. I made O’Rourke’s Post Office but I fitted it out as a late Victorian/early Edwardian general store, complete with mousetrap, stone hotwater bottle and fire buckets. It was such a success at a craft fair that I exhibited it at that now I have been asked to give a talk on dolls houses to the Womens’ Institute. I am now looking forward to making a dolls house for my new baby granddaughter.

  13. Jennifer Hurst Says:

    I am 12 years old, and probably not as experienced as many of your other customers, but that does not mean I am any less addicted to dolls houses! I love my dolls house and I spend a lot longer than I should (!) pouring through my catalogues. I even managed to get my two best friends hooked, and now they have both have got their own houses for their birthdays!

    Happy 30th anniversary, and please can you continue for another 30 years (at least), so I can grow up and get a job and have lots more money to spend at the Dolls House Emporium??! ! ! !

  14. virginia sullivan Says:

    I visited Ripley last month after being promised a dolls house by my husband, a late Christmas prezzy as he has been hospitalised, the dream I have had for 50 years came true when he purchased Grosvenor Hall for me. Thank you Dolls House Emporium for helping to make my dream come true!!!!!! May you go on for the next 30 years from strength to strength, making others as happy as you have made me…………your staff are wonderful and helpful and courteous. Your shop light and airy. your stock intriguing and abundant, and your hospitality very welcome after a long car journey, full marks all round. Here’s to the next visit, can’t wait.

  15. Congratulations, I left UK in 1986 and brought with me your 1986 catalogue which I still have today. As a child I had a dream to make a dolls house, for my 50th the dream came true, I received a kit and honestly without DHE mail order the house would not be filling with such lovely detailed items. I only wish we had a DHE Shop here in Perth Western Australia, you’d never keep me out and if anyone had the mind to open a shop here I think they would not regret it, we are starved of such things. Your recent catalogue is fantastic, the pages are wearing thin with so much use. If ever I come home to visit, our itinery will have DHE marked to visit. Well done and long may you live and bring alot more dreams alive now and for future generations :)

  16. Irene Ralph Says:

    About 9 years ago we use to visit your showroom and always received a good welcome, we even brought our westie and she was always welcomed. Over the past few years I have suffered with illness, having both legs removed. Now I am feeling better I am going to pick up where I left off, once again collecting my dolls house. Congradulations on your 30th birthday, may you continue to serve the public for many more years to come.

  17. I would just like to say to all at the DHE, congratulations on your 30th anniversary, and I hope you continue for another 30 years!……I have had so much fun collecting the lovely houses and items to furnish them, and look forward to the new catalogue arriving every year!!!
    My favourite house so far has been the Mountfield, and I am currently enjoying buying loads of things to go in it…….I can’t buy them quick enough!……I think you can safely say I have got the dolls’ house bug!!

  18. Following the purchase of Fern Villa for my birhtday some time ago and Oakhurst Gardens since, as well as other smaller project properties. I have been a regular visitor to the DHE shop at Ripley over many years and I have always received a high quailty service and a warm inviting welcome, whenever I have visited.

    As such, I would like to wish you all the best for the following years to come and thank you for providing such a varied variety of Dolls House goods and items. Congratulations on your 30th Anniversary….

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  20. poulain danielle Says:

    Happy birthday and many thanks for your website which is very exciting and I like it very much. It’s dommage because I am living Iin Paris (France) and the postage are expensive and I cannot buy all that I dream . Your items and dolls houses are wonderful and I like its all . Congratulations on your 30th Birthday … please stay like now always ! Best greetings from France

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thank you so much for getting me hooked to collecting doll houses and furniture

    keep up the great work !

  22. Hannah Green age 14 Says:

    HAPPY 30th ANNIVERSARY on 12th May!!

    I have been collecting from The Dolls House Emporium since I was 3 – 11 years! My first dolls house was a small wooden dolls house from you. I now use this house as a bakery and cafe with groceries for sale. There is also accomodation for the shopkeeper above. I have furnished it with some of your furniture and accessories in the 50s style – so nostalgic. I have another small building which I use as an `O Rourkes` post office. In 2004 I bought a `Cadogan Gardens`dolls house kit from you. Our carpenter built it and fitted the lighting. It has given me endless pleasure to collect for the Victorian house. I am in the middle of decorating it – my mum wanted me to wait till last year before starting the decorating. It is difficult but very satisfying. I think Cadogan Gardens will look beautiful when finished. I hope to buy a Tudor dolls house next – maybe `Stratford Place`. I hope to buy it externally decorated this time as it takes a lot of decorating sessions to decorate the outside.

    I admire the excellent quality of your beautiful dolls houses, furniture and accessories even if they are more expensive than `Sue Ryder`s `. It is worth paying a bit more for the best. I am also pleased to shop from a British supplier. I can see that The Dolls House Emporium takes great pride in making dreams come true for dolls house enthusiasts all over the world. My mum and Dad have said how friendly you are on the phone and when I visited your shops in Ripley and Carlisle I thought the same. So thankyou for making one of my biggest hobbies so wonderful and I wish you all the best in the future. I am seriously considering working at your shop at Ripley or at Harrods so I hope you go on for many years!


  23. bianca griggs Says:

    hi there i bought a dolls house from you in january and have forgotten to let you no i changed my email address i bought a victorion house called holme lodge so am interested in victorion furniture regards bianca pip4649

  24. Congrats for these wonderful 30 years making people dream and believe.
    Thanks for your exquisite work of art in miniatures.
    Wish you another 30 years of success.
    Best regards from a friend in Spain.
    Happy Birthday!

  25. rose O'sonovan Says:

    Congratulation and very best wishes on your 30th. I am 56 years old, I got my first dolls house last christmas. The dolls house emporium staff are the most courtious I have ever delt with.Problems!!!! are no problem.
    Site is brilliant. Wishing you another 30 years of success. Kind regards from Ireland.

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