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Fairbanks Dolls’ House

March 5th, 2009

fairbanksWe’ve been listening! We know that many of our customers have been disappointed that they are no longer able to buy the Fairbanks Dolls’ House. Unfortunately our supplier simply isn’t able to produce the house any more, however we have been investigating some other sources.  With this in mind, we’re asking you to register your interest for the dolls’ house.

If you have always wanted one (you may have even started saving!) and would still like to own one, call us with your name, address, contact telephone number and customer number (if you have one) or email us on Fairbanks@dollshouse.com to register your interest.

If the level of interest is sufficient we will continue to pursue a new supplier to enable you all to enjoy this fabulous dolls’ house.


13 Comments to “Fairbanks Dolls’ House”

  1. Janet Toyne Says:

    I am very disapointed that I shall be unable to purchase Fairbanks . I had intended to purchase it for my 70th birthday in 2010. I hope that you will be able to find a suitable replacement.

  2. Rachael Flattery Says:

    I was also looking forward to purchasing the Fairbanks dolls house, Ive had my eye on that for the past 8 years. I am hoping you find a new supplier soon.

  3. Katie Edwards Says:

    I have been saving for this house for years and it is the exact image of my house so I was hopeing to create a my mini house. I was extremely upset when I found out that I could not purchase it. I really do hope that you find a new supplier soon.

  4. Please, please get this house back!!!!! I have been saving up to buy one and am heartbroken to know it is no longer available. I am keeping my fingers crossed you will be able to get it back. Many thanks Kim

  5. Hi Kim,

    We are still working with our suppliers to re-introduce this dolls’ house. If you would purchase one, please let us know on info@dollshouse.co.uk with your customer number and contact details.

  6. Please bring this house back! It is a lovely house and I too have had my eye on it and would like to keep my fingers crossed that it will be re-introduced and you find a new supplier soon.

  7. I’ve also wanted this house for many years now and was rather disapointed when I found out, that it could no longer be purchased.
    I have now bought the smaller 1930′s style house: Mountfield. – But it’s still not the Fairbanks…I really hope you’ll find someone new to produce this amazing house.

  8. I have the Mountfield only beacause I couldnt get Fairbanks but would still love one as it’s the one house I really want. Please find someone to make them again.

  9. Hi Sue,

    Have you told our sales team that you’re interested in a Fairbanks? We are trying to resource them but the more people we know are interested the better! Drop them an email on info@dollshouse.com with your customer number and details or give them a call on 080 00 11 44 11 to register your interest.

  10. I am so disappointed not to be able to obtain Fairbanks as I have an interest in ‘forties’
    style and this house would be perfect. I will probably buy Mountfield but would still be interested in Fairbanks as my daughter would love it too. Please try and get another supplier soon.

  11. I’d suggest you pay close attention the new catalogue in September Catherine ;-)

  12. I would love this house and have scoured the web to try and find one, there is nothing like it.
    I really hope that this becomes available again.

  13. Hi Joanne!

    Have a look in the NEW catalogue, I think you’ll be impressed!

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