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500 years ago today

April 21st, 2009

Today marks the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII’s ascension to the throne of England and we can’t help thinking what a fantastic theme that would be for a dolls’ house. Can you imagine all the finery, regalia and trimmings that would be needed to create such a scene?

Picture all those servants bustling in the bowels of a great castle to ready the banquet for the returning dignitaries, or the Prince, sitting quietly perhaps, contemplating what is to happen in a few hours time. The priest dressing and gathering himself whilst the crown and sceptre are laid out in the cathedral.

Just  a little thought we’ve been dwelling on a bit today. Now which dolls’ house can we use for that?!


One Comment to “500 years ago today”

  1. why not have a special designed and constructed house this is the only true way to crate something of this scale and do it justice whilst looking grand with all those built in features and room layouts something that would only be possible by a custom build regards julian

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