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Ebay versus Etsy

April 22nd, 2009

Ebay has been around for so long now that it’s common knowledge that the auction site can hold some real bargains for us dolls’ house and miniature enthusiasts.  But do you know about Etsy.com? A great site for browsing and buying hand made, individual pieces. Although largely based in the USA, there are a growing numbers of miniaturists from the UK selling their bespoke goods through this website.

There are some great features, such as the ‘shop local’ tool which means you can find shops in your area (for miniatures and dolls’ houses or other treats!) and the ‘Pounce’ tool shows you those sellers who have just sold something, and those who are still waiting for their first sale, a great tool to find some one undiscovered!

Unlike Ebay, there’s no bidding involved, just the straight price, but most sellers will reduce shipping costs if you purchase more than one item from them. You can chose from anything you might think of for  your dolls’ house, including a totally new and unique one.

We’re off for a little browse right now!


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