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30 years ago, a Tudor house designed by a family friend led to Jackie Lee and her then husband, Adam, starting up a quirky little company, selling dolls’ houses and miniatures. Who’d have known at the time that the company would grow to be the world’s leading supplier of dolls’ houses and miniatures? Amy Gutierrez interviews one of the country’s leading business women.

Q. Did you ever imagine that from a small Derbyshire basement you’d be able to build such a successful business?
A. Yes – you have to have a vision and the faith and anticipation to make it happen. It still took four years to get out of the basement !

Q. What’s the biggest thing you have learned along the way?
A. To maintain your integrity and work for the greater good.

Q. What has been your biggest mistake?
A. I’ve made lots of mistakes but I try not to dwell on them. If you’re stuck in negative thought patterns you’ll repeat the mistakes !

Q. And your best decision?
A. From a personal perspective, bringing my daughters into the company.

Q. What has given you the greatest sense of achievement?
A. Giving others responsibility and employment, which builds self-esteem. Over the past 30 years we’ve employed over 500 people directly, and many more indirectly.

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6 Comments to “Ask Jackie Part 1”

  1. Jackie Pilkington Says:

    Hi Jackie

    Can I just say, I have taken my first tour around Grosvenor House. What an imaginative way to show doll’s house enthusiasts what can be done. It was amazing, thank you for including this tour on your
    web page. I am 3/4 way through building Stratford Place. I’ve already finished the bakery, which I turned into The Stags Head Tudor tavern. This is a hobby I took up at the age of 65 years, something I have never attempted before. I am totally hooked thanks to you. When will the Tudor style be coming back, and also have you got any ideas for country or farm style cottages, or rustic scenes please?

    Thank you once again for the lovely tour

    Jackie Pilkington

  2. Charlotte Clezy Says:

    glad to meet you Jackie Lee, I think you have had a wonderful idea and made many people happy. I for one though I live in Australia rewatch all y our advertisements and dream of what I could do, but age and money can,t alter my chances. I love doll houses ever ssince I was a child and have built a couple from kits but would really like to repeat it al again, ah well who knows what is in the future. Thank you for so much pleasure Charlotte

  3. Michelle Says:

    This is the most wonderful and interactive website I have ever seen. The touring feature is outstanding in quality and innovation. I appreciate the wide variety of items that your business offers. I will tell my fellow miniaturists about it. Thank you! Michelle in California

  4. Hello Jackie
    i would like to say that i think that your products are fantastic. they are great value for money and they are always such high quality.

  5. paige walker Says:

    Hi jackie
    You are a wonderfull person you have brought great joy to the dolls emporium all the stuff you design is amazing I just cant wait to see what your next ideas are congratulations for your time at the dolls emporium.

    p.s sometimes i do find it just a little pricy but they are such great products I just cant rezist.

    Love lots from paige walker xxx

  6. paige walker Says:

    One day I hope to have my own dolls emporium I would call it walker smiths dolls house emporium xxx

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