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Ask Jackie!

Questions from customers:

From Rachel Green, aged 10
Q. Did you have a dolls’ house when you were little?
A. Yes, it was a Triang house with diamond, metal windows, at 1:16 scale which had been given to my sister and me. There was also a dolls’ house at my boarding school but it only had furniture in it – no dolls or accessories. I was very disappointed

Q. What made you so interested in dolls’ houses?
A. I like architecture and marketing, and my business enabled me to combine the two.

Gabrielle Challis
Q. How did you come up with all these FAB designs?
A. We look for gaps in the market and try to come up with a good solution incorporating an interesting and authentic design.

Denis Hartshorn
Q. Have you still got your first dolls’ house, if so how old is it?
A. No, it disappeared when we moved house. It was made in the early 1950s. (I’m going to resist saying that it would be worth a fortune now …)

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4 Comments to “Ask Jackie Part 4”

  1. Dear team at doll´s house emporium.

    thank you for your newsletter which I found most interesting. CONGRATULATIONS! It is quite an achievement to reach 30 years and takes much thought, energy, dedication and hard work. I started my horse riding business in 1985, so I know what it is like. keep up the good work and good luch in riding the recession.

    Bev gibbons

  2. Mrs Laura Spurling Says:

    Dear Jackie,

    Congratulations on 30 years in the business! I expect it was often hard-going, but you and your team have done a fantastic job.

    God bless you all


  3. ruth evans Says:

    I also congatulate you for your 30 years in the business. The Dolls House Emporium is undoubtedly the best resource for all dolls house enthusiasts. Long may it be there. Well done for continuing to keep ahead of other rivals.

  4. Georges Goossens Says:

    hello Jackie,

    I bought in august 2010 the Wentworth Court house and I must say:the service of your company is amazing! After 48 hours I received our dollshouse and it’s completly built up in 4 hours!Now,we are decorating the rooms step by step! The lightnings are wonderfull!

    kinds regards from Georges Goossens

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