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Dolly Mixtures

May 6th, 2009

2006Dolls really can be the finishing touch to a miniature scene, infecting it with humour, emotion and interaction. They help to create the story and bring the house to life, much as we do when we inhabit a house ourselves.

Dolls can come in as many different forms as we can, with some hand made ones being truly unique and delightful to be hold. You can now find dolls to suit any era or any pocket, so you can add just that small touch more to your miniature display.

Some of our dolls’ are named after people we know, sometimes just because they happen to be in the room when we’re thinking what to call them, some are named after famous characters (Frank Butcher anyone?) and some are named after famous people, Mrs Pankhurst for example. Do you have a  special character in your dolls’ house? Do you name them after people you know?


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