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Haunted House to Mini Modern

May 21st, 2009

There are so many people blogging about dolls’ houses and miniatures right now we find it a bit hard to keep up sometimes.

Whilst poking round Twitter yesterday we came across this lady and then across her blog about creating a haunted dolls’ house. It looks like Carmen is creating something really special here and we can’t wait to see more progress, there’s heaps of photos too!

One of our favourite blogs is Mini Modern, based over in the USA, she produces some of the best modern room sets we’ve seen. She also happens to like Ocean Drive and the Malibu Beach House so there is a bit of reciprocal interest. After a break whilst she moved into a new ‘real’ house, it would seem she’s back and showing off her extremely large collection, albeit, in totes packed neatly away. It’s still amazing to see just how much she’s been able to get her hands on. Welcome back!

And we’ve also enjoyed Biby’s blog recently too. Don’t worry if you can’t read Portuguese, just click on the Union Jack on the top right and you’ll get the site translated into readable English. Biby has possibly hundreds of links to additional sites in a variety of languages and her blog contains lots of pictures and the odd video too.

Have you spotted some that we haven’t mentioned? Do let us know and remember that you can have your very own blog in our collectors’ blogs too, just email us on blog@dollshouse.com and we’ll get you set up as soon as we can.


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