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Tell Us What You Think

June 2nd, 2009

We always encourage honest and constructive feedback from you all and to help us improve things and develop new ideas, products and designs, we have set up a new avenue for you to contact us on.

You can now contact our product design team directly on design.team@dollshouse.com with your catalogue and product suggestions. Initially this is just a trial and our team won’t be able to respond to all your emails, if they did that they’d stop designing and we’d all be stuck with the same accessories, furniture and houses! If your suggestion has potential then one of the team will come back to you to discuss it and hopefully take it further.

We look forward to hearing from you!


One Comment to “Tell Us What You Think”

  1. Joan Stewart Says:

    My recent order was such a wonderful experience, I have to share it with everyone! I live in Johannesburg, South Africa and unfortunately at least half of everything that I order from any overseas company is stolen before it reaches me. So I asked that my order be made “signed for” as this discourages theft and the order can also be tracked. To my absolute surprise, the order was sent to my door through UPS, at a very competitive price. It arrived within 24 hours of the order being confirmed. This is the best service I have received in all my years of collecting miniatures – thank you Jackie Lee and company!! And the best was yet to come. Opening the box and unwrapping the beautiful, high quality goodies inside reminded me of Christmas when I was a child. I am so happy with all the little goodies I received, I cannot wait to place my next order.

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