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Bathing Beauties!

June 10th, 2009

bathroomBathrooms aren’t always the most exciting of rooms, particularly in our real life modern homes where they can be a touch on the tiny side! Some of us are well aware that until relatively recently hot running water wasn’t a standard in a home, so what interesting scenes can you set with your dolls washing in the bath tub in front of the kitchen stove? A 1920s grand residence may well have been lucky enough to have plumbed hot water and a heavily designed art deco bathroom, what inspiration that could provide for your miniature delight. Think high level cisterns and pull chains, chrome fixtures and fittings and peacock blue tiles to help pull an Art Deco bathroom together in your dolls’ house.

What about going back to those Romans? In recent times bathing has become a private affair, but in the past it was a communal event. Perhaps usingĀ  an Orangery as a starting point you could create a glorious scene.

Bathrooms certainly needn’t be boring or bland!


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