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What My Granny Taught Me

June 11th, 2009

I’ve been moving house lately and I was struck by just how much ‘stuff’ we have accumulated. We’d been in our last flat for 5 years and there’s only the two of us so you would think it wouldn’t be too bad. We still managed to fill a whole van and a large estate car.

This got me thinking about why I don’t throw things out more often. I’m sure it comes from my Nana, my maternal Grandmother, who even in her dotage had a loft full of 1960s and 1970s clothes hanging on rails, like one day she would wear them again. She also kept wrapping paper. Not new wrapping paper, used wrapping paper! She’d fold it up and save it for later.

How does this link to miniatures and dolls’ houses? Well, all those little bits, all those scraps of paper, those old clothes and bits of fabric can come in very handy when your looking for things for your dolls’ house. That wrapping paper could turn out to be the perfect wallpaper (think nursery especially!) and that old dress could be just the right side of worn to create some pretty curtains and a matching bed spread in you miniature master suite. I also find I get inspiration looking at them, how can I replicate this in miniature? What would it look like? Would the detail get lost? Just more things to think about whilst I sort through all the boxes!


Amy Gutierrez is the Marketing Controller for The Dolls House Emporium. She’s the proud owner of a Classical and a Tudor Manor and when she’s not mucking about in miniature she can usually be found on top of a horse or in front of a computer.


2 Comments to “What My Granny Taught Me”

  1. Louis Fourie Says:

    Hi there Amy,

    I have just joined and amazed at the beautiful Dolls Houses on this site. I have just in the past three days become interested as it is wonderfull to see the real thing in miniture and the dedication. My interest is as result of my loosing my job and finding something to have an income. As i am an ardent model fanatic i thought of starting this as a means to earn an income. I however can not afford the money to buy kits or plans for that matter. Do you know of any sites where i can download a plan or two free.
    Louis Fourie

  2. sandra patrica boorman Says:

    I started doing dolls houses about five years ago because I have M.S. I had to do something at home as I could no longer work and once you start you are hooked the house is dangled. I have many dolls houses, 10, a shop with a flat above, a castle, a market cross, 2 1/12 village sets. I can’t count how many dolls and furniture I have, lights and this became a big part of my life. But we had a fire this week and I am ment to price it all up how can you put prices on somethings that you put your heart and soul in. I will start over again but it will not be the same thak you for reading this. This is a very good start I can help values. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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