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DIY Tips

June 12th, 2009

Here’s just a few little tips for when you are building and decorating your beloved miniatures and dolls’ houses.

  • When removing sanding dust prior to painting,  always use a hoover with a small brush attachment. Blowing the dust away will still leave you with particles that could get caught in your paint.
  • Clothes pegs can act as clamps where no great pressure is needed.
  • When painting your dolls’ house, have a damp cloth close at hand to mop up any drips before they dry.
  • Another one for painting, try to apply 2 to 3 light coats instead of one heavy one, the finish you get will be of a much better quality.
  • Gold and silver marker pens are ideal for adding finishing touches to hand made pieces.
  • If you’ve got your wallpaper home from the shop, or out of the box, and it’s creased, gently apply a warm iron to the reverse of the paper. This will remove the creases and make it easier to apply to your dolls’ house.


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