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Handy Tools

June 19th, 2009

Struggling to get started on your dolls’ house? Finding it a bit daunting? Hopefully the next few tips on handy tools that will help ease the pressure and help you along the way.

Masking tape – Invaluable for your dry build stage, for holding bits of self made furniture or fabric pieces together whilst glue dries.

Measuring Tape or Ruler- You’d think this was a no brainer, but we know at least one dolls’ house wall paperer who didn’t measure her paper before applying …

Tweezers- not just for plucking out splinters. Any delicate handling of small pieces to glue in place will be made much easier by using these. Just make sure you then don’t use the same ones to pluck your eyebrows.

Sandpaper -  Use to smooth out any rough edges in the dolls’ house or furniture. It is also used to give texture to wooden cabinets and shelves before distressing them for an aged look. Emery boards are great for those finer pieces too.

Brushes – Apart from helping with the painting (although rollers produce a smoother finish on large parts of the dolls’ house) a small fine paint brush is a very good way of dusting smaller parts. You could even go back to that make up bag and pull out a blusher brush too, the soft bristles won’t damage your miniatures. Perhaps best to have a new one though or your accessories my have be a new shade when you finish.

Wallpaper glue – This is used for putting on wallpaper before sticking it on the wall. As it is thick, it does not form bubbles and thus gives a smoother finish. This glue is also used to stick other household articles, such as pictures on walls.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Any very handy little tools that you keep ready? Mayeb even something that you wouldn’t normally apply to DIY that you use? Tell us about it below!


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