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Bagatelle – A Retreat

June 23rd, 2009

Mrs Kendall-Davies whose charming dolls’ house projects have already featured on this blog has been very busy again! She sent the following photographs over the weekend with some details on her latest miniature marvel.

“I have just finished my Dolls House Emporium Gatehouse, my version is a Pleasure Pavilion which I have named Bagatelle. It is inspired by the garden buildings of the Palace of Nymphenburg near Munich. Despite being Bavarian, they were based on the all prevailing French 17th/18th Century styles and Bagatelle is a retreat for drinking tea and relaxing on summer afternoons. Well, they were the “leisured” classes who owned such places!!!  As the bedroom is not open but located within the roof, I have made an alcove bed. I think the chap who assembled the structure should have attached the front portion of the roof to the facade so that the bedroom would be clearly seen, however, when he brought it for decorating I didn’t realize and it was then too late.”

We think it looks delightful and we’d be very tempted to slope of to a ‘real size’ equivilent! Let us know what you think in the comments section below and do send us your projects too!


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