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What did we do before the internet?

July 15th, 2009

I am one of those people who relies very heavily on the Internet for all sorts of things. Research, shopping, entertainment, communication and more that I’m sure I’m not immediately aware of.

I’ve grown up with the internet. I started using email at college and then the social side at university. Now I use it extensively for research, both for personal things and work, I do my banking on it and I catch up on missed favourite television programmes through it. So I started thinking, what would I do without it?

How would I research my next dolls’ house project, or my next blog, or my next piece of copy if I didn’t have the might of Google, Yahoo and Bing at my finger tips?

Clearly there are lots of other places to utilise. The best suggestion,  local library. We have a selection of architecture books, historical design books and dolls’ house related titles that we keep at Dolls’ House HQ, but I’m sure a trip to the local library would produce more seeds of thought.

I’ve talked before about the inspiration I get from visiting stately homes (and some of the less stately, but equally beautiful ones), but I have recently looked at historical photographs of my local area too and gained some insight and inspiration from these too. Particularly for street scenes and shop fronts I’ve found they can be really helpful.

So historical documents, either books, photographs or even deeds and paperwork can provide inspiration and ideas. Fictional books can too. I’ve already decided that I will convert my well-loved (read a little tired and worn) Classical into Miss Haversham’s residence, complete with rat-riddled dining room, so I’ll be reading Mr. Dickens’ Great Expectations.  I’ve been wondering how I could recreate a Shakespearean play scene, which one I still have to decide, although a certain love-lorn teenager on a balcony is appealing. Movies and play are written words brought to life and can also provide inspiration, how many more witches and wizards have we seen in miniature since the rise of Harry Potter?

If I open my mind, I can see miniatures of ancient Eqypt, Roman gods and goddesses, fairy tales, hobbits and goblins and much more. I suspect some more reading is called for.

I’ve deliberately not linked most terms in this post, it would be too ironic otherwise. If you had to switch off the Internet for a week, what would you use instead?


Amy Gutierrez is the Marketing Controller for The Dolls House Emporium. She’s the proud owner of a Classical and a Tudor Manor and when she’s not mucking about in miniature she can usually be found on top of a horse or in front of a computer.


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