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Sneak Peek Number 2! » ‘Cornishware’


4 Comments to “‘Cornishware’”

  1. These are lovely!…….I’ll be buying some of these for sure!!

  2. Leslie Green Says:

    I have too agree with teatree. Great to see the NEW Cornishware back and I will be buying the new colours
    Looking great for 2009/10.Just glad that Cornishware is being made at all. Can’t wait to get them in the mail.

  3. These are great, just like the real thing, which I see has been rescued from extinction http://www.tggreen.co.uk by a couple of enthusiasts. Cornishware is a true British Classic that should never be allowed to leave our kitchens. Where and when can I buy these online?

  4. If you do a search for ‘cornishware’ on the main Dolls House Emporium website, you should see them all. Here is a direct link to the :Cornishware Storage Jars.

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