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Small Knits

August 17th, 2009

Many dolls’ house collectors have talents in other crafts, card-making, knitting and crochet for example. Some of us aren’t so lucky and tend to be all thumbs when it comes to those small and fiddly jobs. So if you are hoping to add a few knitted touches to your dolls’ house but don’t know your pearl stitch from your elbow, Buttercup Miniatures could be just the thing for you.  With their handy kits giving you the pattern, yarn and needles, you’ll be click-clicking away in no time. The kits come in differing skill levels so you are bound to find one you can muster through, I’m thinking of trying a popular rug kit first. My knitting was never up to much but I’ll see how I get on!

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One Comment to “Small Knits”

  1. Hi im paige I think the people who take time with small knitting and card making are very good they also add detail to there product it is alway’s nice to see what peopel make online it also gives you ideas what to make aswell.

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