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Creative Competition 2009 – Trompe L’oeil

September 14th, 2009

It took us a long time, caused much deliberation and discussion, but after 3 hours last Wednesday morning, we found our creative competition 2009 winners. Over the next five days, we will count down to the winner who we will announce on Friday.

The Summer House provided an amazing breadth of results, from gypsy caravans to Tanzanian hunting lodges, we had well over 70 entries to choose from, in fact we suspect it’s closer to 100, but we had to stop counting or we wouldn’t have chosen a winner! The level of detail, workmanship and care taken over the entries this year made the decision excruciating, so much so that we ended up with 5 winners instead of 3. As testament to those who worked so hard but didn’t make the final 3, we’ve decided to grant 2 special commendation prizes.

The special commendations go to Elaine Massey of Middlesex for her Dylan Thomas Retreat and Alice Baudet of Chateau Dun, France for her “Trompe L’oeil” Grandfather boat. A £50 voucher is on it’s way in recognition of the work done by these two ladies. Today we’ll be showing you Alice’s work on “Trompe L’oeil” and tomorrow we will bring you Elaine’s Dylan Thomas Retreat.

Here’s what Alice says about her project…

My grand father is an old sea dog: his house is a cabin on the beach! Often, he is accompanied by his old buddy, Jo who love the sea, just like him. Then during the holidays I help to paint an old boat of fishing, but sometimes, I am more of a hindrance than a help!

His boat is called “Trompe l’oeil!

My biggest challenge was to the sea, with its waves and its colour: I used many successive layers of paint and resin! I absolutely wanted to recreate the water mirror aspect. The waves are wet paper handkerchiefs.

Making the vessel was not easy either, especially since it was necessary that it is also to scale. The fishing materials have been a delight to do: nets with fruit, lines, the canes nets to fishing, the balls with packaging quail eggs, I am not talking about fish and fishing lines!  And for the roof tiles I made them one by one with paste that dries in the air: according to the style of the country!

His dream, cabin interior is a simple, rustic life! It is used to sleep, eat, repair faults. The lamps that I have all made, are lighting the way home so we can see them from the sea; houses established, the engines (are done in of the paste); soil and the walls are only effects of painting. Boots, raincoats are done with household gloves fingers: our passion makes us inventors! And again, there are a hammock, the langoustines, and lots of things that we cannot see on the pictures.

And then the horizon is a recovery poster which fits like a glove with the color of the sea. In short, I spent a wonderful time to imagine “boy” at the edge of the sea in the House of my dreams. But I do not am happy with my photos! They don’t quite reincarnate the world I wanted you to see!

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One Comment to “Creative Competition 2009 – Trompe L’oeil”

  1. Well Alice, I am absolutely amazed by all the stunning detail which you have put into your project!
    I can smell the salt in the sea air, and, the chaotic confusion to all who enter, except the owner, is
    a delight to view! The exterior looks so real and weathered! A magnificent project! Well done indeed!
    Kind regards from a fellow miniaturist.

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