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Creative Competition 2009 – Madam Z!

September 21st, 2009

We promised you last week that we would continue to bring you some of the fabulous entries from our creative competition over the coming weeks. We have had some many we’ll be bringing them to you for the rest of the month we expect!

Here is Dorethe Zegers- Langebeeke & Elfriede Arriens entry and their story of how it came to be.

“There was the thought (a view came into our minds) which had nothing to do with sea, sand or beachhouses. No, we saw a forest, and a woodpath leading to an open spot. And on that very place is the poor caravan where Madam Z lives. This gypsylady has the gift of clairvoyance and using Tarotcards and her crystal ball and knows a lot of things which a human being can’t possible know.

The hard work outside, like chopping wood and taking care of the pony is another story. Fortunately there is this man named Hank, from the neighbouring trailer-park. He helps her with the heavy work, but in fact, most of the time he takes a rest while drinking beer.”

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One Comment to “Creative Competition 2009 – Madam Z!”

  1. Hi Doreethe & Elfriede, I love the colours you’ve used for Madam Z’s, and the details of the interior and exterior looked as though you both had great fun creating your project! How clever to site it in woodland for your photo’s, it makes the whole theme very believable! Well Done!
    Kind regards from a fellow miniaturist.

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