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Creative Competition 2009 – Wild Wild West!

September 22nd, 2009

Our creative competition entry displays carry on today with this charming wild west saloon, ” Diamond Jack’s Poker Parlour” from Viki McDonnell. 

Here’s what she says about it.

“Inspiration came from seeing the Rocky Ridge saloon in your catalogue.  I decided to make a senior version but it eventually turned into a Poker Parlour rather than a saloon.

The hardest part for me was making doors that swung both ways but this was eventually achieved.  The bar was made out of a block of wood and stickers added for decoration.  Shelves were made out of empty shallow boxes.   Walk-ways were added on both sides of the building and floors covered with walnut strip and the roof shingled.

Photos of Buffalo Bill,  Wild Bill Hickock and Jersey Lily (Lily Langtry) acquired on the Net – as were posters.   Bar stock and spittoon purchased locally.  Gaming table home made.   Card table purchased and covered with green baize – cards home-made.

Costumes for barman and women’s temperance group home-made.   Horses stolen from grand-son’s toy box, painted and ‘dressed’.”

I hope he’s got his horses back now.

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3 Comments to “Creative Competition 2009 – Wild Wild West!”

  1. Hi Viki, What a clever creation! Inspirational use of colours, and decor, and the well stocked bar, made this great fun to produce, I imagine! Lovely touch, using the Ladies from the Temperance Society to complete the story!
    Well Done! Kind regards from a fellow miniaturist.

  2. Harriet Sharp Says:

    I’m so happy your artistry has been recognized, Viki, even though there was stiff competition. Though, I still think the Square Lighthouse should have received at least a mention. And I hope this Wild, Wild West is a taste of things to come from your workshop.

  3. Janice Crean Says:

    I used to get catalogues from Dolls House Emporium and had no idea that there is a world of miniaturists! Poring over the entries gave me the concentrated pleasure of being a ‘dolls house loving’ child again. What I admire particularly is not just the artistry and skill but the imaginative wit employed by the winner and Ms MacDonnell in particular. I look forward to seeing future entries.

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