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Creative Competition 2009 – Armed Forces

September 23rd, 2009

Our next competition entry comes from Jill Clay-Curwen and has a very personal story.

Here it is…

The hammock“As soon as I saw this property, I knew it would be perfect for my needs. Following the inspiration that urged me to do this project, which came from my sons own experiences, after doing his tour of duty in the Helmand province in Afghanistan two years ago, I decided to do “A Summer in Afghanistan” and enter it into the competition.

The interior & contents of the Summer House are “loosely based” on reality, as told to me by my son.  Although, he tells me the interior of mine, is more likely to match the more “posher huts” based at the Kandahar camp and not Lashka Gar, where my son was actually based.  I have also written a poem, that accompanies the Summer House entry.

A Summer in Afghanistan

Well Mum, I’m here, in Afghanistan.
And although the sun shines,  I’ve no time to tan,
All around me is desert, wooden huts and sand.
And if it weren’t for the Taliban, life could be quite grand.
However let me tell you, what happened today.
It’s a gentle reminder,we’re not here to play.
In my bed I was sleeping
And happily snoring
When a LOUD BANG came,
Could this be the warning?
I jumped out of my bed and then grabbed my gun
And as fast as I could I started to run.
I ran to the place where I knew I should be,
At the side of my companions,
My “new” family.
I arrived at my station, feeling all PROUD.
And called to my sergeant, shouting out loud,
“What’s going on? Are we under attack?”
My heartbeat was racing,
Sweat ran down my back.
All around me were people, looking at me.
I just wanted to scream
“Whats happening! Tell me!”
My brain felt numb, I was confused and asunder,
But boy I was relieved to hear,
it’s only the THUNDER.

It’s “light hearted” but with serious undertones and is a fact of reality, as this actually happened to my son during his first month out in theatre in the Helmand Province.

Hopefully it will help to give an insight into what our guys and gals are going through out in the East on a daily basis. I have enjoyed doing this project immensely and hope it will stand a chance, of being considered worthy of entry, for the DHE Summer House competition 2009.”

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3 Comments to “Creative Competition 2009 – Armed Forces”

  1. Hi Jill, I feel very privileged to have viewed you creation as it was carefully crafted with a great deal of feeling.
    Your poem, too, had a poignancy which we all need to be aware of in the living conditions of our troops.
    Your uniforms, nets, and personal effects must have taken ages to create, and are so convincing!
    I do hope your son is safe at home now.
    Kind regards from a fellow miniaturist.

  2. Hi Emporium and Fellow miniaturists
    Has anyone thought that it would be good to produce some kind of book/ magazine showing off all this talent and giving others inspiration to get stuck in. I’m sure it would be popular, it’s so interesting seeing the ideas everyone had for the same basic building.
    Just a thought I had

  3. Hi, i was taken back by how marvallous and talented the Armed Forces idea was. It certainly bought a tear to my eye as to how realistic it looked, all the detail was fantastic, brilliant thankyou so much, we all support our soldiers and to see this its just amazingly talented

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