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More Creative Competition Entrants

October 2nd, 2009

We still have more creative competition entrants to show you and will continue to bring you them throughout October (and possibly into November!).

As we’ve already mentioned the quality of the entrants this year was the highest we’ve ever had which means we are able to bring you some really wonderful ideas.

Stay tuned to see Santa’s Surf Shack, a Grecian art gallery and a three story mouse house!

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3 Comments to “More Creative Competition Entrants”

  1. Dear DHE,
    I have really enjoyed looking at the wonderful entries for the competition, and I’m looking forward to seeing many more! They have all been superb, and so minutely detailed, that I understand the dilemma that the judges must have had in choosing the winners!
    Also, I now realise, that it was my photography that let me down, and that I should have photographed ‘portions’, before fixing them to the interior, so that the judges could have seen the quality of my work inside the project. A learning curve for me! The details of the interiors, clearly photographed before being placed, was something I enjoyed in the ones I viewed, so now I know the requirements for next time !
    I have great plans for the October competition, but first I have to master the web cam!!
    Kepp those entries coming please, they’re wonderful, and a pleasure to view. Thanks,

  2. When are we going to be able to see other entries from the summer house competition?

  3. Hi Jeni,

    We are hoping to publish more as time allows. There were a considerable number of great entries so scanning them all in is quite time consuming but we haven’t run out yet.

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