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Therapy in Miniature

November 9th, 2009

Those of you who regularly read this blog or are active in the dolls’ house community will already know of the therapeutic benefits to be enjoyed with this hobby. We recently heard from Lucy Marsden at Blythe House, a care hospice in the High Peak area of Derbyshire and she told you how a dolls’ house is helping their clients.

A comprehensive range of services is offered at Blythe House to help people address their concerns and maximise their quality of life in a way that suits them, at a pace and time that is appropriate for their needs.  Living well and Day care programmes, counselling for adults, children and young people, complementary therapies and much more combine to provide a holistic approach in a calm and tranquil environment.

As part of Living Well and Day care programmes that we hold here, we offer creative arts and the dolls’ house is an option that our clients might choose to work on during their creative art session.  The hospice is unique in that it provides the only specialist palliative care day care service in the High Peak for people affected by cancer and other life threatening illnesses, their carers and families. The combination of our multi-disciplinary approach and high standards of professional expertise ensure a nurturing oasis as people travel through what can often be a difficult and stressful time.

A little dolls’ house can spread so many benefits. Have you had any experience of using a dolls’ house for therapy? Let us know in the comments and enjoy these pictures.


One Comment to “Therapy in Miniature”

  1. Working on dolls houses, or any project in miniature is very therapeutic to anyone.
    Excellent for helping with anxiety: in alleviating day to day problems by concentrating on recreation of pleasanter days of life.
    Marvellous for anger management : how could anyone maintain anger whilst escaping into miniatura!
    Clumsy people, and those who think “I can’t do that! ! ” are always amazed by their ability to handle the tiniest of objects, and to achieve a project ( no matter how perfect ) gives great feelings of wellbeing.

    I used to work in sales of miniatures, and no-one left the shop without feeling better by the items they had viewed, and/or purchased. It’s the delight in small perfection which pleases the inner soul of even the hardest of individuals. I was frequently surprised by the most unlikely of puchasers, and I am well aware that many men with large and arthriitic hands can turn out the best finished delicate articles !!
    It’s the happiest hobby for any age group, and guarantees smiles all the way !!
    Should replace prescriptions!!

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