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How to Bookmark (and why to do it)

November 19th, 2009

Are you a hardcore google fanatic? Do you search for your favourite websites every time you want to visit them or are you a bookmark fiend and have it all at your finger tips? Bookmarking is a really great tool and will speed up your navigation round the internet like Concorde sped up cross-Atlantic flight. After the break we’ve composed a guide to bookmarking on the two biggest internet browers, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

I’m going to assume that you aren’t a complete beginner to the internet and that you can navigate to the page you want to bookmark for both these guides. That in mind, let’s start with Internet Explorer.

How to Bookmark in Internet Explorer

  1. On your menu bar at the top of your screen you should see a ‘favourites’ option.
  2. Click this and the select ‘Add to favourites’
  3. You should now have a pop up window which looks like this

Pop up window

Now all you need to do press add! If you have lots of favourites/bookmarks (they are the same thing, it’s just that Internet Explorer calls them favourites) you can organize them into different folders too, one for miniatures, one for historical research and maybe one for interior design ideas for your dolls’ house.

How to Bookmark in Firefox

  1. On your menu bar at the top of your screen you should see a ‘bookmarks’ option
  2. Click it and select the ‘bookmark this page’ option
  3. Now you should see a little pop up window like this
  4. Pop up window firefoxNow just click done! Again if you have lots of bookmarks you can organise them into folders to keep all your hints and tips in one place, all those great blogs in another (hint hint) and so on.

Now you can enjoy browsing the internet and having all your favourite sites bookmarked and ready to navigate to super fast!


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