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Review of Montgomery Hall by The Dolls House Magazine

December 1st, 2009

Our dolls’ house kits are regularly reviewed by the hobby’s leading publications. The following review of Montgomery Hall by Julie Bennett is taken from The Dolls House Magazine, issue 53.

Montgomery HallHaving built many houses over the years, I have previously come across the kits made by the Dolls House Emporium, but it is quite a while since I last built one. I was very pleased to tackle Montgomery Hall, one of the newer additions to The Dolls House Emporium range and I was looking forward to seeing the house built.

The kit arrived in several boxes, all the components beautifully packed. I was very impressed with the thoroughness and detail – everything is included, right down to the enormous container of wood glue. I was pleased that I decided to read the instructions first instead of rushing in as I usually do because the instruction booklet is very well written with clear instructions. All the parts are identified along with a list of all the tools you might need for construction.

It is recommended that the house should be ‘dry-built’ first and this is an excellent idea as some of the parts are quite similar in size and shape. It wouldn’t be a disaster if you glued the wrong parts together, but it could be messy and would certainly be frustrating to take them all apart. Having a ‘dry run’ with the components also gives you a good idea of the overall size and shape of the house.

Montgomery HallI found an extra pair of hands very useful when I enlisted the help of my eight-year-old son, Peter, who really enjoyed seeing the house develop. It wouldn’t be impossible to build this kit on your own, but Peter was very helpful at holding walls in place and controlling the roof components when they seemed to want to go in four directions at once.

I can only say that I was amazed at how quickly the house was assembled. All the parts fitted together well and within the space of a couple of hours I had what was definitely a house – a very large house at that.

The Montgomery Hall kit builds into an enormous house with six rooms of excellent size. The basement adds another three rooms and a useful pavement area. The dimensions of the rooms make them wonderful for furnishing – not too deep but plenty big enough for all the furniture and fittings you could want to include. There is the extra attraction of differing room widths, which increases the realism and adds interest to the house when it is viewed with the front open.

Montgomery HallDecoration
I found the house a pleasure to decorate as the large room sizes meant wallpapering was so much easier than in smaller houses. I am not usually all that keen on staircases and many of my houses have no means of getting from floor to floor but in this house the hallways are so well designed I decided to make an exception. I am really glad I did, as the staircase looks so effective.

My only real problem came with putting in the windows. I think this is worth mentioning especially for those who may be putting together this kit as a first house. The window openings are much larger than the windows – for obvious reasons – but this means that careful positioning is required if you want your windows to line up one above the other on the front facade. I used a little piece of scrap wood as a ‘spacer’ each time I inserted a window and also measured on the outside to make sure all the windows were ‘true’. It is worth spending a little more time on this stage to ensure a tidy result.

Montgomery HallImpressed
I was impressed with both the actual kit and also the manufacturer. The Dolls House Emporium staff are very helpful and service is so quick that I couldn’t fault them. Any queries about house construction or design were quickly and effectively dealt with.

The Montgomery Hall kit was very easy and satisfying to build, pleasing to decorate and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a large, well-proportioned dolls’ house.

Visit the main website to view more details and to buy Montgomery Hall and to see the full range of dolls’ houses »


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