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Feature House – November 2009 – Wentworth Court

December 21st, 2009

wentworthElegant, well-proportioned and decorated in soft ‘sandstone’, Wentworth Court is a house of style and substance. With six rooms split over three floors you’ll have plenty to occupy you! Wentworth Court is now also available fully finished, ready to furnish. There’s no need to wallpaper, just quickly assemble your new dolls’ house and begin the fun of furnishing and creating that dream house. Flat-packed to furnished in under an hour. Of course you can still buy it in kit form, as a QuickStyle house (fully painted and externally decorated ready for your own interior design scheme,) or a completely built, decorated and lit dolls’ house. Which will you choose?

Wentworth Court – The Georgian Era

The Georgian era spans the 18th century encompassing several design periods including Rococo, Neo-Classical, Palladian, Regency and Empire. Typical in all of these styles were the strong Georgian themes of symmetry and ‘order’, which directed the proportions of windows and doors for a stately look, as seen on all of our Georgian style dolls’ houses. The classical architecture of Greece and Rome was a strong influence, which wealthy land owners mimicked in their country homes and follies. Italian architect Andreas Palladio, from whom the term Palladian emanates, is famous for grand proportions, characterised by ionic columns and sophisticated stonework as seen on Wentworth Court.

Dressing Ideas!

  • Boutique Town Hotel
  • Gentleman’s Club House
  • Ladies Day Spa
  • Modern Family Home
  • Elegant Georgain Pied-à-terre

Visit the main website to see Wentworth Court and the large selection of other dolls’ houses available.


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